Overdraft Returned$25
Overdraft Paid$25
Account Negative > 30 Days$25
Stop Payment (ACH or Draft)$20
Deposited Check Returned Unpaid$5/item (max $5 per day)
Replace Lost Card (Debit, ATM, Credit)$5
Rush Card$30
Outgoing Wire$35
Outgoing Foreign Wire$60
Incoming Wire$2
Returned Wire$45
Certified Check$2 under $1,000; free over $1,000
Reissue Certified Check$2
Money Order$1
Draft Copies$1
Fax$1 per page
Transaction Copies$1 per page
Photocopies5 free per day; $0.25 per copy
Rolled Coin2 free per day; $0.10 per roll
Loose Coin5% of total over $200
Loose Coin (non-member)15% of coin total
ACH Origination/Modification$30
Telephone Transfers$2
Bill Processing (City Water)$2
Notary (non-member)$10
Non-member Check Cashing$13
VISA Gift Card$5
VISA Travel Card$8
VISA Travel Card Reload$2
Foreign Currency Purchase$8
Fees as of February 15, 2024
Reopen Closed Membership (within 6 months)$25
Dormant Account*$5
Account Research Per Hour; $40 minimum (15 minutes free/month)$40
Bad Address$5
*18 months with no activity
Fees as of February 15, 2024
5×3 inches$15
5×5 inches$20
10×3 inches$25
10×5 inches$30
10×10 inches$40
Lost Key$30
Drill Box$200
Available only at main office.
Fees as of February 15, 2024