Debit Card Round Up

With Debit Card Round Up, use your debit card for everyday purchases and work towards your savings goals at the same time!

How It Works

-Debit Card Round Up is free and available to any member with a checking account and debit card.
-After enrolling your checking account for Debit Card Round Up, every time you use your debit card, we’ll round up the transaction to the next even dollar amount.
-At the end of each day we’ll add up the rounded-up amounts and make a single transfer for that total from your checking account to another sub account of your choice!

How To Enroll

Members can enroll in online banking or the mobile app. Members can also call (906) 485-1210 or visit a branch location.

Enrolling via Desktop or Mobile App Banking
  1. Log in to online banking or the TruNorth app.
  2. For desktop users, within the “Member Services” menu tab, choose “Debit Card Round Up”. For app users, tap “More” on the bottom right and tap “Debit Card Round Up”.
  3. Select your checking account.
  4. Choose the option “I would like to round up purchases on my debit card for this account”.
  5. Select which sub account you would like the amount to be deposited into and click “Update”.