We're Improving

Why is TruNorth preforming a System Upgrade? We’re IMPROVING for YOU!
A few of the improvements will include, an upgraded online and mobile banking system, an improved bill pay system, new e-Alerts, text banking, and much more. Refer back to this page for updates and more information on our System Upgrade. We also have provided members with a printable guide (below) with information on changes.

System Upgrade Guide

System Upgrade Weekend

In order to successfully preform our System Upgrade, we will be temporarily closed during the weekend of September 30th, 2022.

-Friday, September 30th — all branch locations closing at 5:00 pm
-Saturday, October 1st — all branch locations will be CLOSED
-Monday, October 3rd — all branch locations will be open regular hours

Please be aware that online and mobile banking will not be available after 5:00 pm on Friday, September 30th. Members will also need to enroll in our new online banking system beginning Monday, October 3rd. Also, debit and ATM card limits will be lowered for this time period. Please refer to our System Upgrade Guide for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a core processing system?
The core processing system is the computer system that TruNorth uses to maintain member accounts and loans, and to process transactions.

Why is TruNorth updating the core processing system?
Our new core processing system will allow us to serve you more efficiently and enable us to offer you new products and services.

Are my funds and personal data safe during the conversion?
Yes, your funds, personal data, and account information will be safe and secure as always. All TruNorth accounts will continue to be insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) Share Insurance Fund up to $250,000.

How to Prepare

Taking a few minutes to prepare will ensure that you have an easier time navigating the System Upgrade. Printing previous statements and bill pay information are a couple of ways online banking users can prepare. Click on our guide below to make sure you are prepared for the System Upgrade.

Note: Bill Pay data WILL NOT transfer over to the new Bill Pay system. Please print a copy of all payee data or use this payee collection sheet to record all payee information. All recurring payments will no longer take effect after Thursday, September 29th. This is only for members using Bill Pay within Home Teller. Any recurring ACH or debit card payments to payees will continue to process post upgrade.

How to Prepare

Account Information

Account Numbers
Your existing account number(s) will remain unaffected by our
System Upgrade. Account suffixes will change (click below).

New Suffixes

Debit and Credit Cards
Your existing VISA® debit and credit cards will continue to work
after our System Upgrade. Your Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) will also remain unaffected.

You can continue to use your current TruNorth checks. Our third-party check provider will also remain the same, should you need to place a

Direct Deposit
Your direct deposits will continue to post to your account.

Automatic Transfers
Any automatic transfers you have scheduled with the credit union for your account will continue to process, but at end of day (see note below). Any automatic transfers set up by members in Home Teller will no longer take effect and will need to be set up in our new online banking system.

Loan Payment Due Dates
If you have a loan with TruNorth, your payment date will remain the same.

Note: Automatic, in-house transfers (from a TruNorth account to a TruNorth loan or account) will now post at end of day. Example: Your TruNorth vehicle loan payment that comes out of your TruNorth checking account on the 25th of the month will continue to transfer on the 25th, but will now transfer in the evening as opposed to morning.

It'sMe247 Online & Mobile Banking

It’sMe247 Online Banking
Our upgraded online banking system will provide a much more user-friendly service. You will continue to visit www.trunorthcu.org to access our online banking platform. If you have previously bookmarked an old login page, you will need to update your bookmark. Below is a video on how to login to online banking for the first time.

It’sMe247 Mobile Banking
Mobile banking will also be more user-friendly. Mobile banking will include:
● Mobile check deposit (restrictions may apply)
● Mobile bill pay
● Ability to apply for a loan
Mobile apps can be downloaded from the App Store® and Google Play. Search “TruNorth Federal Credit Union” to find our new app. The icon has a white compass with a blue background.
Note: Our app may not be available for up to 10 business days pending certification from Apple and Google. Members may still login to online banking via our website.

It’sMe247 Text Banking
Text banking allows members to check balances and transfer funds all through text messages. Click below for more information on Text Banking.

Note: Online banking will not be available from 5:00 pm on Friday, September 30th until Monday, October 2nd. Beginning Monday, October 3rd you will need to enroll in It’sMe247 to use online banking.

Printable Login Instructions

How to Login Video


CU*Talk (CLASS Line) is a 24/7 telephone banking system. This upgraded system will make it faster and easier for members to take care of their credit union business. This system allows account inquiries including balances and recent transactions, transfer funds, hear current rates, and much more. Click below for instructions on how to use CU*Talk.

How to Use CU*Talk