Nature Photo Contest

Where To Add Submissions and Vote

Click this link to add submissions from June 28, 2024, and July 15, 2024; use the link for voting from July 22, 2024, and August 2, 2024.


How many photos can I submit?

Each person can only submit two (2) photos; if we find more, they will be removed.

Do I have to pay to enter?

No, there is no dollar cost to submitting your photos!

How many times can I vote?

Each person gets one vote, which can only be used on one (1) photo.

Do I need to be a member to submit or vote?

It is not required that submitters or voters be members.

What kind of pictures can I submit?

All photos must be in the theme of nature, horizontal, and a jpeg (CMYK only) or .tif file type.

How will I know if I won?

TruNorth will contact you directly to notify you. Once everything is settled, we will post the winners on our social media.

Does everyone’s submission get voted on?

No, TruNorth’s team will internally select twenty (20) submissions, ensure that no photographer has more than one photo in the running, and ensure that all the photos in the vote fit the requirements.

Can both my photos win?

No, each person can only receive one (1) award.

Official Rules