2019 Community Grant Recipients

Six Recipients Awarded TruNorth Community Grant

TruNorth Federal Credit Union has chosen six recipients for the 2019 TruNorth Community Grant.

The first recipient is Hope Free Lutheran Church. TruNorth has granted $1,000 to Hope Free Evangelical Lutheran Church’s Community Ministry. This funding will support the monthly Community Dinner hosted by the church, as well as supporting their food pantry.

Nancy Langness, Coordinator, said of the award: “We serve a community dinner once each month, free to all. The Food Pantry is twice during the month, one day early in the month and then again during the Community Dinner. The funds awarded by TruNorth Federal Credit Union will be used to buy food for the Food Pantry and for the Community Dinners. We would like to thank TruNorth Federal Credit Union for their generous support to allow us to serve the community.”

Cancer Care of Marquette County is the second recipient. The award of $2,500 will assist those who are unable to respond to catastrophic health care costs caused by the treatment of their disease.

Laura Korte, Board Member, said of the award: “We assist with medications, medical bills, travel expenses, if treatment is required outside of our local area, and in many other ways as often as those battling this disease are no longer able to work. We would like people to know that we are all-volunteer…most of our volunteers contribute many of our supplies.”

The third recipient is U.P. Foster Closet of Marquette County. The U.P. Foster Closet was also awarded $2,500. The award will provide children entering foster care with essentials such as clothing, diapers, wipes, and shoes.

The YMCA of Marquette County is the fourth recipient with an award of $2,500. The YMCA will use the award to help fund their Annual Campaign. The Annual Campaign raises funds for families who cannot fully afford the YMCA’s programs and services.

“The Y is for everyone. Our programs, services, and initiatives, enable kids to realize their full potential, prepare teens for college, offer ways for families to have fun together, empower people to be healthier in spirit, mind and body; prepare people for employment, welcome and embrace newcomers, and help foster a nationwide service ethic. Thank you so much for your generous donation and support dedication to the YMCA,” said Jenna Zdunek, Chief Executive Officer of YMCA of Marquette County.

The fifth recipient is SAIL Disability Network of the U.P. With the $2,500 award, SAIL will provide inclusive health and wellness programs for persons living with disabilities throughout the fifteen counties in the Upper Peninsula.

Sarah Peurakoski, Executive Director, said of the award: “SAIL is the only center for independent living in the Upper Peninsula that exclusively serves individuals living with a disability across all fifteen counties. SAIL will utilize the funding from the TruNorth Federal Credit Union Grant Program to host larger scale, family friendly health and wellness events that are designed to support and showcase equipment and/or community options for those living with a disability. SAIL is very grateful for the TruNorth grant opportunity… we look forward to assisting individuals with improving their quality of life!”

The sixth and final recipient is Great Lakes Recovery Centers, INC. with an award of $2,500. GLRC will use the award to continue suicide prevention programming, including the introduction of a positive mental health community campaign on the west end of Marquette County.

“The funds from the TruNorth Federal Credit Union Community Grant Program will be used to help us continue our West End Suicide Prevention meetings. The is an active group that works to reduce stigma surrounding mental health and suicide by promoting and facilitating free community education classes, attending health fairs and events, and distributing suicide prevention materials. We truly thank you for granting these funds,” said Amy Poirier, Foundation Coordinator.

“This program was initiated in 2017 to continue our support of our communities in a way that could enhance the lives of our membership and to build a strong community for long-term success,” said George Isola, General Manager of TruNorth. The Community Grant Program committee accepts applications from community non-profit organizations working to improve the quality of life for local residents and build strong communities within TruNorth Federal Credit Union’s field of membership.

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Pictured left to right: Hope Free Lutheran Church Food Pantry Coordinators, Kris Minier and Nancy Langness,  Board Member of Cancer Care of Marquette County, Laura Korte, Jackie Judd of U.P. Foster Closet of Marquette County, YMCA of Marquette County, SAIL Disability, and Amy Poirier, Foundation Coordinator of Great Lakes Recovery Centers.