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TruNorth Federal Credit Union

Kirby Kangaroo Club©

Kids learn by doing. Which is why TruNorth Federal Credit Union has the Kirby Kangaroo Club© for kids up to age 12*. It’s a savings club that teaches kids the importance of managing money and how to set financial goals. Plus, they get rewarded for saving!

For every $5 deposit into their Kirby Kangaroo Club© savings account, kids get one punch on their Kirby punch card. Punches can add up to earn fun prizes. TruNorth Federal Credit Union also holds events for our Kirby members, like bowling, sledding and movie parties. Your child will receive a membership card, quarter saver, passbook and a free gift – just for joining! They also get access to a Kirby Kangaroo Club© website that’s full of great activities and games that make it fun to learn about saving.

Kirby Kangaroo Club©

It Pays to Have All As

We like to reward good behavior – especially when it comes to good grades! So TruNorth Federal Credit Union is proud of our “It Pays to Have All As” program. Kirby Kangaroo Club members with all As on their report card enter into a drawing for a $25 cash deposit into their account. Here’s how it works:

  • Must be a member of the Kirby Kangaroo Club©
  • Must provide a copy of your report card (we can make a copy at any one of our three locations)
  • Must receive all As (includes A-, A, & A+ grades or all O's for younger children)
  • Drawings will be held each of the four school quarters (normally November, January, April and June) we will give at least two weeks after report cards come out before having our drawing

If you make saving fun for your kids now, they’ll be more likely to be savers when they grow up. To find out more about TruNorth Federal Credit Union’s Kirby Kangaroo Club© call 877-694-2328 or visit one of our branches.

*The Kirby Kangaroo Club© runs until your thirteenth birthday. At that time, your money will be transferred into a new Claim Your Youth© teen account.

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